Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Juicy Jewel Shampoo & Conditioner Reviews

This is one of the items I’m reviewing from the California Gift Show, which is a trade show that recently took place in LA. This is one of the items I was lucky enough to grab some samples of before the product hits shelves, in fact, I’m not even able to find a picture of this stuff online because it is so new. I don’t even have pricing information or anything like that but thought I’d review anyways for fun. Before we get too excited, I will tell you that after falling so deeply in love with the Juicy Jewel fragrance, I was expecting this stuff to blow me away (in a good way!) And I am pretty disappointed.. The scent of the Juicy Jewel fragrance is bursting with ripe berries, a hint of floral and juicy citrus.. As soon as I find this in stores, it will definitely be in my must-haves. The hair items I’m reviewing are actually named “fragrance conditioner” and “fragrance shampoo” so of course I was expecting the products to infuse my hair with that gorgeous scent and have it linger throughout the day.

Lets start with the shampoo. It is watery. And I don't mean like, oh its thin, this is basically like body spray consistency. The conditioner is one step up from that, about the consistency of a runny body lotion. The shampoo smelled fabulous as it was lathering up and the conditioner felt like it did leave a bit of softness in my hair. Unfortunately, after I got out of the shower and brushed my hair there was NONE of the scent noticeable, which kind of defeats the purpose of using products like this. I also noticed a bit of greasiness nearing the end of the day and my hair felt kind of heavy and product-y even though I didn't put anything in after my shower so as to be able to judge the products on their own. I'm thinking of writing the company and suggesting to them that they reformulate if product has not yet hit the shelves.. Not that they'd pull thousands of products on my say-so, but companies ALWAYS want input on their products. So for now, I'd say don't wait for the shampoo and conditioner to hit shelves (aka pass on it), but definitely go out and grab some of the fantastic gorgeous-smelling perfume from Juicy Jewel.. Its the perfect summer fragrance, and hey, I'm in Southern California, my summer lasts until October, so I can still rock it for a while :)

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