Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Healing Seed Shampoo Review

Ok, I know it seems like I rag quite a bit on most of the products I review.. I think the reason I do this is because 1) I'm the buyer for a gift company and am always weighing the pros and cons of a product (in other words, I want it to be as close to perfect as possible, so it'll be easier to sell), 2) I want to discuss things others may have overlooked and 3) there are SOOOO many different products out there, I guess I figure the more I nitpick and don't compromise, the more information I can provide to you all to save you time, money, and help you find products you'll love and get lots of use out of. So there that is lol. Moving on, here is a review for a product I really LIKE!

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This shampoo really surprised me. I'm used to either Head & Shoulders (the soft and shiny one, spacing on the complete name right now), or Dove for color-treated hair. After one use of this stuff (which is all I had because this is one of the samples I got from the LA Mart), my hair was noticeably lighter, fluffier (but not in a frizzed-out, wow it must be humid today kind of way) and had so much shine. I was VERY pleased with the results of this. It retails for $13.95 for 8 oz. on the company's website (, which I think is pretty agreeable. My sample only had maybe a tablespoon if that, and it was plenty for my waist-length hair so I can imagine this bottle lasting a while. This also has a very nice scent, I believe in large part to the orange oil it has in it. I'm happy to have found something I really like since I started reviewing products on here and I hope you all enjoy it too!

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