Tuesday, September 22, 2009

LORAC Sexy Swag Makeup Collection w/ Swatches

Ok, I know I said I was going to try to cut back on the hauling.. However, my mom bought this for me, so technically I'm still being (kinda) good.. I was alerted to this stellar deal by my girls on MUA (they're always on top of the best deals within minutes of them being released) and was going to buy it that day but left the screen up at my moms house and she decided to buy it for my birthday present. Well, I got to her house before she came back today and saw the LORAC box waiting, so I asked her about it and she decided to just give me my present early.. Yay! Lol.. So here's the description from the site:

On Screen Duo Eye Shadow/Liner in "Rich & Famous"
Glam Rocks Loose Metallic Eye Shadows in "Pearl" and "Gold"
TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer
Caribbean Heat Bronzer
Croc Mocktail Lip Gloss Collection
Croc Makeup Bag
All for $29.95? Crazy-good deal.. (still available! :)

So here's my shot of it:
(You can click on any of my pics below to enlarge them :)

The glosses & swatched:

Irish Coffee, Sugarplumtini, Candy Cane Cosmo, Champagne, Spiced Cider, Mistletoe Mojito
These have great pigment, are all scented (not a cloying scent, but nice and fruity or spicy, depending on the shade), all are shimmery, very flattering and have a tiny mirror on the backside of the gloss. This set is also selling by itself on the site for $7.50!
The Glam Rocks Loose Metallic Eyeshadow in Pearl and Gold:

These are really pretty and remind me a LOT of MAC Solarbits.. they get the texture shown here when blended.. otherwise they are chunky little bits of shimmer.

The Onscreen Duo shadow/liner in Rich & Famous and the Caribbean Heat bronzer, the 3 individual shades from the bronzer and then all swirled together.

So of course, I'm very excited about this collection.. I haven't opened the tanning gel yet, so there's no swatch of that. The makeup bag is *really* cute too, so needless to say, its <3 for this set! I'm thinking about buying this one as well, while its still available:

This set is another awesome deal, $18.50 for 10 items.. You get 3 of their incredible eyeshadows, 2 lipglosses, 2 lipsticks, a baked bronzer, eyelining pen and a brush, all full-sized (with the exception of the bronzer).. Just thought I'd share! :)

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