Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What I'm Loving Right Now 9/23

So I, along with I'm sure most of the female population, fell in love with and tried out just about every lip plumper on the market when they came out in full effect a while back... The fondness for them (in my eyes at least) has tapered off a lot, but I'm bringin' em back! My first "recent" experiment with these types of products was DuWop Prime Venom. Of course, I'd tried the OG Lip Venom back in like 1998 or whatever when it first came out, but let that obsession fall to the wayside, along with Smashmouth and chokers :).. But when Sephora offered me a deluxe sample of DuWop's much newer product, Prime Venom, I became intrigued again... This is a product that you *prime* (duh) your lips with before applying lipstick, gloss, what have you. Now, I have been known to partake in a fair amount of pain in the name of beauty, but this stuff (in my opionion at least) is not NEARLY as painful as the original lip venom was. Of course, there is a fair amount of stinging still involved, but I kind of like that.. It lets me know the product is working. And my lips really, truly do look more plump, juicy, whatever adjective you want to throw in here, but they look full and pouty! You want to definitely make sure you haven't been chewing on your lips or have any cracks or excessive dryness before applying though, because just like after eating spicy food, if you have any of the above they WILL BURN. A LOT. Its not a problem though if you keep lips regularly moisturized inbetween uses. ($20, available at or

Another product that gives a similar effect, and has more options in terms of shades is another product I've been loving, the Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme! lipglosses. I got the shade Sheer Clear because I figured it would be more versatile to use over other lipcolors. I also have Sheer Cherry, which is a gorgeous happy medium between red and coral, pretty sheer and with some tiny flecks of gold shimmer. The Cherry shade is pigmented enough to wear by itself, and is a beautiful shade for summer. Here's what makes these things tick: (from Sally Hansen's website)
Hydro-Collagen Complex with Marine Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid capture and retain moisture contributing to the immediate dramatic effect.
The Clear color comes in a gold tube like this:

 ...while the Cherry and other shades (Sheer Pink and Sheer Bare) come in a tube with a gold top and transparent base. I'm looking forward to trying these other shades, especially the Sheer Bare. I'm hoping its comparable to Too Faced's Lip Injection in Techno Buff, another one I have but that is too opaque and has too much of an orangey tinge to successfully complete a smokey eye/nude lip combo. I really like these glosses' formula (Too Faced), however the price and the shade selection don't really do it for me. (The Sally Hansen glosses retail for as much as $10 at major drugstores, however, I found these two in a combo pack for $4 at my local Rite-Aid... it pays to shop the clearance section!! And the Too Faced Lip Injections retail for $23.50 on, however the shade Techno Buff is no longer available).

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