Wednesday, September 2, 2009

AHAVA Mineral Botanic Velvet Cream Body Wash in Honeysuckle & Lavender

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This is another product I received a sample of from one of the showrooms at the LA Mart.. And at this point, I'm kind of just blah about it. It did its job in the shower, lathered up a bit (which I wasn't really expecting from something labeled a "cream" body wash) and rinsed clean with no residue (and no noticeable moisture improvement, I still needed lots of lotion post-shower, then again, I have yet to find a product that allows me to skip this step completely). I think whats lacking is the scent. It is only halfway there for me.. I'm thinking I'm picking up an almost herbal tone to it, which is kind of turning me off. They needed to capture more of the honeysuckle OR lavender, not dumb down both. This wash is actually really reasonably priced, I found it online at for $19.50 for 17 ounces, which is going to be a HUGE bottle. For someone who likes herb-y scents, I think they would really like this. Because its from AHAVA, of course its loaded up with Dead Sea minerals and plant extracts and this wash is actually marketed for sensitive skin types (which could explain the less-than-overwhelming fragrance). I have a sample of another scent, Hibiscus & Fig, which I'm more excited for. Oh and on a side note.. Just noticed the bottle on this stuff.. For a container this size, it REALLY should have a pump, otherwise you run the risk of slippery hands fumbling with it in the shower and dropping it on your feet.

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