Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fyrinnae Order with Swatches

I was sooo super excited to get this, my first order from Fyrinnae. I have received samples of their shadows before and found 95% of them to be fantastic. Most of them go on very smoothly, have great pigment and gorgeous sparkle. Some of them can be a little chunky but you can still make them work with the right application. So my order consisted of a bunch of their loose eyeshadow samples (which are 1/4 teaspoon for most, 1/8 for others in a little clear jar), their velvet gel silica primer and the pixie epoxy.

The primer is for creating a smooth finish and a *base* for foundation and the rest of your makeup. I've never really used a primer before, however, from what I've heard I will definitely notice the difference for the better. The directions for this product are to use much less than a pea size for your whole face, so in other words, this jar will last me months and months to come. The picture of the product below is from Fyrinnae's website because I couldn't get it or the epoxy to photograph correctly.

The pixie epoxy is a product I am *really* excited about trying out.. its a clear gel that dries slightly tacky (use over your usual eyeshadow base) and is meant to hold on to the pigment in loose shadows so they don't fall out all over your cheeks. The swatches below were patted on over the epoxy and I will say right now the difference was night and day between using the epoxy and not using it. With the epoxy, the shadows came out more vibrant, shimmery, and almost metallic. I will definitely update on whether this product creases after wearing for a few hours.

Now on to the shadows.. I picked out a whole bunch, and from what I gather, they usually send out an extra one as a freebie for their customers to try.. Well, they sent me an *extra extra* freebie because they were having some technical difficulties with their shopping cart when I first tried to place the order and it took a day or so to complete. They wrote a cute apology on the invoice and wrapped the items in the most adorable tissue paper. I really like this company, they have terrific customer service from what I've experienced and will have lots of fun deciding which of these I want to have full sizes of.. Here they are!

Click to enlarge..
From top left: Njordr, Bali Mynah, 1.22 Gigawatts, Nori, Parental Advisory
From bottom left: Newcastle, Boytoy, Arcane Magic-Mystic, Immortality, City Glam-Lights of Las Vegas, City Glam-Lights of Moscow

 Top row: City Glam-Lights of Las Vegas, Njordr, Nori, Immortality
2nd Row: City Glam- Lights of Moscow, Newcastle, Boytoy, 1.22 Gigawatts
Bottom Row: Parental Advisory, Arcane Magic-Mystic, Bali Mynah

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