Monday, August 31, 2009

Sally Beauty Haul

After watching a few vids from one of my fave girls on YouTube (VintageorTacky), I knew I HAD to rush out and get a few things from my local Sally Beauty. The *rush* part came from a recent video she did on how to make your own glitter eyeliner/shadow. I'm all about cutting corners in an effort to not spend $15-20 a pop on a product that I either a) can make myself, b) will probably dry up before I finish it, or c) might only use once or twice. So the product she was using was the Sparkle Effect Gel Adhesive for glitter by Sally Girl, available only at Sally Beauty for about $1.29.. She used an empty palette for mixing and combined some of the gel and a dash of loose glitter. The color that she applied to her lids in the vid was the Crystalled Lime (think that was it..?) pigment from MAC over a lime green shadow she already had on and the effect was sooo gorgeous. You can view it here..
She had also mentioned before in a different video that her friend was obsessed with the Sally Girl eyeshadow that actually hook together... I was in the mood yesterday for some fun and bright shades so I picked up these guys: (Click to enlarge for better pics)

From left: Quad in Moolah, Singles in Emerald, Aqua, Turquoise and Purple Passion

and here they are swatched. And yes, they are backwards, I know :(

In addition to the brights, I thought this Moolah quad looked eerily similar to the new MAC PhotoRealism quad so I picked that up... the colors are not as pigmented and there are a couple differences with the colors.. the dark forrest green on the bottom right should have a little hint of bluish black and the brown on the bottom left should be more of a greyed green but for $.89 instead of $36 I believe it is.. I'll probably just stick with this one and see how I like it before I rush out and get this quad that everyone is loving. At Sallys, I also picked up another Duo eyelash adhesive in clear because the Sonia Kashuk one I had been using before was now irritating my eyes for some reason.. Overall, very happy with my purchases, I believe I made it out of there for under $12 for 7 items (all Sally Girl items were buy 5, get one free!) I'll be posting reviews of all of these items once I have a chance to test em out. Can't wait to play with all the fun new colors!

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