Saturday, August 29, 2009

Victoria's Secret Haul

Now the only reason I keep my Victoria's Secret credit card is for the perks.. Every year, on the month of your birthday, they send a $10 gift card with no strings attached, and this year included an extra bonus of the Slice of Heaven Beauty Rush lipgloss! Fabulous! So I went in yesterday to redeem the card on some underthings for myself, and as always got distracted by the displays of Beauty Rush items in the checkout line. I've always been intrigued by the eyeshadows which look gorgeously shimmery and metallic. And because my VS was out of 90% of the new makeup collection (BUMMER!!) that I was planning to pick up a few fun colors from, I figured, hey why not!? So I grabbed the Slice of Heaven and a Passion Fruit Punch lipgloss, along with a cream eyeshadow in a shimmery champagne shade for my best friend (gave them to her last night so I don't remember the name..) and for myself, I picked up the following:

Wet/Dry eye shadow in (clockwise from top left):
Violet Femme
and Lipgloss in (from left)
Red Delicious
Hot Cocoanut

I haven't opened the Red Delicious yet but I'm already in lust with the Hot Cocoanut.. I wore it last night with my Green Smokey eye look and the color is a really subtle transparent nude with sparkly (but not overly glittery) gold flecks. The smell is also incredible- like tanning oil! Yummy...

And here are swatches of the 3 eyeshadows,
from top to bottom,
Violet Femme
I'm soooo excited to play around with these shades,
they look so fun and metallic. They are also promoted as wet/dry shades, so I can imagine the brilliance of these colors when applied with a mixing medium/wet base.
Look forward to my reviews on these, as well as some FOTD's using these products!

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